What do we think about the potential criminal uses of Berty?

An eminently important question that we are regularly asked: What is our reasoning, and our approach to the potential use of the Berty protocol in criminal cases?

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Well written! It sure is a difficult topic with no silver bullets.

Crimes such as human trafficking and deaths caused by drug wars are horrible, we can all agree on, and then trying to compare that to something like “I don’t want to be watched by the government” does paint a picture of lousy decision making.

However, taking the perspective of mass surveillance and jeopardizing freedoms and liberties just so the cops can automatically produce false-positives sounds just extremely irresponsible.

The world is too big and too varied for there to be a silver bullet. Sticking with liberty as the core argument sounds like a smart move though.

That sounds amazing. Very important to think about these things.